Aries Woman and Gemini Man

There are Aries women and Gemini men who hold hands lightly and skip down the street together like children.There are other Aries women and Gemini men who have sarcastic, furious verbal donnybrooks from the time they awake until they go to bed – and they both talk in their sleep too. Often, the emotional blending of Mars and Mercury in a love experience produces a strange alchemy of haunting tenderness , punctuated by sharp hurt , making the relationship capable of both triumph and disaster. It may be because Gemini, unlike the other two Air Signs, verbalizes both his admiration and his contempt so clearly and unmistakably .Or perhaps it’s because Aries, unlike the other two Fire Signs, is consumed by the passion of the moment ,whether it’s love or hate ,never thinking about tomorrow’s possible regrets.

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This 3-11 Sun Sign Patter n is quite distinctive in its influence over two people linked together through its friendly, and very communicative, vibrations. There’ s no doubt they’ll quarrel occasionally,even frequently;yet their more tempestuous argument s will contain the seed of spring, and fresh promises for the future.Their misunderstanding s are extremely verbal, and often quite loud, bu t somehow, no t too serious. It’ s almost as though they’re bot h aware of the potential of a truce in the midst of the battle .

There’s very little restrain t in the love between Aries and Gemini. When the Ram and the Twins fall in love with each other, neither will waste time wondering if the end of the affair, or the marriage, will be blissfully happy or ach-ingly sad. The initial attraction between them , the magnetic pull of their carefree natures , causes both of them to reach out toward each other trustingly, with no worry about a far-off ending. If it should eventually occur,in whatever form – separation, divorce or death – the memories of love as naive, exciting and as full of blind faith as a child’s heart on Christmas Eve, will soften the edges of the recollection of an y sorrow or hurt Aries women and Gemini men have mutually suffered. That’ s the beauty of the 3-11 vibration, in which genuine friendship forms the foundation for the empathy, from the very first hello.

Jealously can be a large troublemaker. The typical Aries girl is as jealous as it’s possible for a woman to be, without turning solid green, and she’s seldom able to recognize it rationally. It doesn’t stem from a possessive nature but from the Arian symbolic Infant’s terrible fear of rejection (which would mean literal death to an infant) and need for constant reassurance that it (she) is cherished. The undue Aries concern over losing love to another is more understandable when it’s viewed in the light of these subconscious feelings of infantile helplessness and total dependency upon continued and uninterrupted affection.It’s a feeling that’s always present, just beneath the bright Mars bravado of independence and self-sufficiency which is not real in any sense, only make believe … . a kind of protection against further vulnerability.

The typical Gemini man is not excessively jealous (barring some Venus- Mars affliction in his birth chart, or an Aries Moon or Ascendent). And this is where most of the difficulties may lie. Because, you see, she secretly would like him to be.The least he can do is pretend he is. Whether she consciously realizes it or not, the girl Ram rather enjoys arousing the jealous instinct in her man. It reaffirms her importance to him, a matter that can’t be reaffirmed too often for any Aries. The Gemini male may oblige her, by granting her wish, if she steps out of line too obviously. But most of the time he’ll be too busy changing his clothes, his moods, his ideas, his dreams and his disposition to pause long enough to stop, look and listen to any innocent flirtations she’s flaunting at him in the hope of warming up his cool, detached and airy approach to life – and to her.

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